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Awol is an Indigenous rap artist currently based out of Minnesota. He was born in the Shakopee prison and went to stay with foster parents till his mother got out of prison, he came from a large family of 5 him being the fourth child to his mother. He had a difficult upbringing and sold drugs to try to escape his situation. Awol was very close to his brother, DeeZo, who owned a studio and writes his own songs. DeeZo taught and pushed him to pursue his dreams. Unfortunately, DeeZo died of a brain aneurysm. His death was a big blow to the young Awol, who loved his bother very much.

At an early age, using his late brother’s studio as a starting point, Awol knew he was cut out for music and wanted to use music to express himself.


Today, Awol promotes his own shows in Minnesota under His Record Label MadeMan Records. He has opened up for a lot of great artist such as the Amigos, Coolio, and Do or Die,Montana of 300,Ritzs,Lil Durk, Yella Beezy and Merkules

He has traveled all over the United States, his strong performance skills, musical talent, and experience have earned him a solid reputation in the entertainment industry.

"I'm an artist. It's one of my purposes here on this earth. Sound and words are my canvas. Real artists use lies to paint the truth, while politicians use truths to paint lies. These are crucial times. Humanity needs truth and more love. And as I innovate with music, I hope to spread more of both of those.

As the world gets crazier, I see my role more clearly.


I'm just a human being who cares as everyone should in these times. I'm Indigenous....  I'm a human being with an important purpose, and so are you. Music is one of my purposes, but it extends beyond that. I believe that music should bring us together and gives us something to hold on to, together.

Likewise, we are here for a purpose. Your capacity to affect change, your reason for being here, your free will and your existence is important. You are powerful if you choose to live it. I am going to change the world by putting good ideas out there, practical ideas that people can use to make sense of the world and better their lives. I've also realized that real music isn't powerful unless it matches your actions outside music. That's when it becomes powerful.

Before it’s all said and done, I will change millions of minds, and I will have an impact. All I need is the people's support. Nothing great is done alone, and I love you all. Stay strong."




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